sarah keepers

"It never gets easier, you just get stronger."

Sarah Keepers

Fitness Advocate & Women's Coach

My name is Sarah. I am trained athlete who suffered what I thought was a career-ending injury in my early twenties.Left with metal plates and pins sticking out of both of my legs, I wasn’t even sure how well I’d walk again. As a result, I fell into a depression, put on weight, and simply gave up... Until something inside of me changed. I had a moment of clarity and made a vow that I wouldn’t let this injury keep me down.

It’s been more than ten years since then, and I'm In better shape now than I was before my injury. Today, I am a mom to four incredible kids, a fitness fanatic, and a mentor to women and youths. I am a strong believer in keeping our bodies safe from everyday injury by maintaining our muscle mass.

My passion is helping others come back from whatever it is that took them down, be it physical or mental. I have worked with countless women and teens, serving them and sharing from my own experience. I’d love to help you reach your goals through motivation, guiding you in adapting a workout that works for your body and fitness level, and help you jump the hurdles that keep you trapped from living a life of freedom. I will meet you, where you are at.

Interests & Knowables:
Fitness, boxing, living an active lifestyle with my family (eg: boating and wakeboarding), motivating and supporting women!