"Invest in yourself! It pays the best rewards!"

Rebecca Cafiero

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Rebecca here! I'm a holistic nutritionist and healthy lifestyle expert. After losing a loved one to cancer, I looked at my career leading teams in corporate America and realized I wasn’t having the impact I craved!

After becoming certified in holistic health & integrative nutrition, I combined my knowledge of optimizing habits and health with my love for helping others reach their potential through healthy lifestyle and nutrition.

My goals are to impact the health of business owners, executives and influencers,  whose energy & clarity have an impact on their teams and families.

My accomplishments include working with more than 8,500 people to improve their health and lives and serving as a business and education mentor to more than 200 other wellness & health professionals!

Interests & Knowables:
Healthy travel, writing, finding balance, traveling with toddlers, organization, collaboration, goal setting

Plant based lifestyle, health & habit optimization, corporate wellness programs, motivational speaking.