Nicole Ritter

Certified Health & Life Coach

Hi everyone! My name is Nicole Ritter and I am a certified Health and Life Coach, healthy lifestyle blogger and mental health advocate.

I have always been interested in people and knew I wanted to work with people one on one, but it took me years before she found a career that allowed me to do so. My journey started out at Clemson University when I fell in love with Psychology and later went on to pursue my Masters in Mental Health Counseling. After two years in my masters program, I realized her passions did not align with counseling and enrolled in the Health Coach Institute to become a Health and Life Coach.

I have spent years struggling with finding my purpose in life, as well as struggling with both my physical and mental health. It wasn't until I helped myself, both mentally and physically, that I was able to turn my passion of helping others into my full time life purpose.

I am now on a mission to bring nutritional awareness to the masses, to build a community of like minded people and to help as many others as I can to improve their health and well being and find their purpose in life!