"I help cultivate healthy habits, not restrictions."

Jessica Bird Hagestedt

UC Berkeley BA: Human Behavior and Health in the US
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and balanced life advocate

Hi there! My name is Jessica and I am a Personal Trainer, Health & Wellness Coach, former NCAA Division I collegiate athlete, and momma to a rambunctious toddler!

After a decade of experience working in personal training, physical therapy, and the medical field, I found my passion in combining my knowledge of the human body with my love for helping others realize their full potential through nutrition and movement.

My emphasis is empowerming my clients to get real results through focused movement and simplified nutrition. Whether your goals are fat loss, lean muscle gain, decreased inflammation, increased endurance, increased energy, improvements in sleep, increased mental clarity, time-saving tips, further knowledge and understanding of their bodies, or more confidence, I have the tools you need! I am looking forward to helping you feel and look your best.

Interests & Knowables
Healthy Living, human Biomechanics, navigating motherhood.
Program design, creating a balanced lifestyle, accountability and motivational coaching.