Havilande Green

Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Hi there! My name is Havilande Green, and I am a holistic nutrition consultant, lifestyle coach, personal trainer, two time NCAA women's bikini bodybuilding competitor, and a mother to two active kiddos.

Like many individuals, I have struggled with what a healthy lifestyle looked like. But when I started to view food as the dynamic being that it is (nourishing, social and emotional), I began to foster a robust partnership with both my food and health, and all other aspects of my life flourished. It is important to understand that we, as humans, are holistic. When we change one part of the system, we are actually changing the whole. I am a firm believer that there are two important relationships in our lives. The first being with yourself and the second being with food. Food is what makes us, and what nourishes our bodies to be the best that we can be.

I proudly serve those seeking to stop dieting and start living. My holistic approach and energetic, compassionate attitude tackles the root cause of underlying health issues (e.g.: food allergies, stress management, etc.). I have worked with clients of all ages and specialize in gut health, reducing systemic inflammation, weight loss, life-coaching, and adrenal fatigue. My emphasis is educating and empowering clients on understanding the root cause of underlying health issues, rather than masking them.