"Health is not one size fits all! Finding a balance for your needs is the goal."

Ellen Barnard

Certified Doula CD(DONA), Childbirth Educator CD(CAPPA) and Certifying Primal Nutritionist and Health Coach

I have always had a passion for women's health. Once I realized how out of control women (myself included) felt about pregnancy, birth, and general nutrition, I started to research better options.

I didn't want to be afraid of pregnancy, birth, or overall wellness. Having health issues of my own, I knew I was faced with medication, surgery, and huge limitations that didn't feel right. If I could overcome my fears surrounding pregnancy and birth, I could help other women with their fears!

I started by getting my Doula certification and ran with it from there. The idea of working with women through all stages of life really resonated with me, and inspired me to broaden my education and expertise.

I provide support, knowledge, assistance with making lifestyle changes, and empowerment to help women make the best decisions for their life.

Interests & Knowables:
Gardening, hanging out with my backyard chickens and goats! I am currently pregnant and find my free time taken up by yoga, water aerobics, and nerdy research about pregnancy nutrition.

I love working with women. Assistance with making better health and nutrition choices. Regaining hormone balance. Helping to regulate a woman's menstrual cycle. Pre-conception and pregnancy nutrition, and postpartum transition. Ideally a client who sees the benefits of health through all stages of life and is committed to learning how to thrive!