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"As a woman that has been through weight loss surgery and supported her husband through the same, I have a unique passion for helping men and women lose weight and keep it off. I have been big and small and back to overweight again before finding the routines and nutrition to keep me on track in a sustainable lifestyle."

Chantel Hilbert

Linfield College, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Linn-Benton Community College, Associate Degree Nursing
Registered Nurse, State of Oregon
RNC-OB, National Certification Corporation

My name is Chantel. I am a registered nurse with a passion for helping others thrive and find wellness. Through my personal experience of having released over 100 pounds (with the help of bariatric surgery), I developed an unique understanding of how to cope with extreme weight loss, how to embrace a healthy relationship with food, and how to stay nutritionally balanced after weight loss surgery. Alternatively, I can help you explore ways to healthfully avoid surgical weight loss, even with extreme weight loss goals.

For years, I battled with my health. My struggles with weight, low energy, brain fog, and a lack of mental clarity snowballed until I became a “couch mom,” unable to actively engage in life with my family. Having successfully turned my health and life around, I am empathetic to people struggling with those same issues.

I am passionate about leading others to recognize their strength and ability to choose the body they desire, and would love to help you begin your journey! I look forward to assisting in designing a plan that fits with your lifestyle and gets you where you want to be!

Interests & Knowables:
I love coffee, traveling, relaxing poolside, taking my kids on adventures, spontaneous travel, mermaids, home decorating and saving money!

Bariatric surgery patients, implementing health optimization tools for efficient living.