Cassi Friday

Hanover College, BA Biology
University of Kentucky, MS Medical Science
ACE certified Health Coach and Senior Fitness Specialist

Hi everyone! I’m Cassi and I am very excited to share my passion for health and wellness education with you! Life is crazy, y’all. No matter what you do to stop the crazy, sometimes you just can’t. I am a military spouse living in South Korea with a two-year-old and a one-year-old (and two dogs and a cat), so we understand crazy! Since we can never truly eliminate stress, I like to coach others on how to embrace and manage stress in a way that reduces its impact on our food choices, sleep, and overall health.

My background is in clinical research where I extensively studied the effects of pediatric obesity on the heart and how it functions. We observed that obese children had changes in the shape and function of their hearts compared to their healthy weight peers! I later went on to study how diet affects impulsive choice. We are learning that high sugar and high saturated fat diets can cause changes in behavior before the onset of weight gain or obesity. Basically, eating bad can make you impulsively choose to eat bad more. These experiences led me to pursue health coaching and education.

I love to help others think of easy and convenient ways to incorporate healthy changes into their lifestyle. I am passionate about using exercise as medicine, practicing good sleep hygiene, and teaching stress management and mental resilience.

Interests & Knowables:
Travel, Crossfit, Cardiology

Senior Fitness, Exercise Prescription, Stress Management, Sleep Hygiene, Behavior Change