"Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food."

Brittany M. Craig

Healthy Living Chef & Caterer | Healthy Lifestyle Coach

At a very young age I fell in love with food. Not only the fun of food, creating recipes and experimenting with techniques, I fell in love with the power of food. Food is the fuel that keeps life going. It bring families together, it adds to celebrations, and it can absolutely change someones life.

I began as a caterer about 3 years ago after competing on season 7 of MasterChef. I was inspired and I ultimately decided that I had the ability to harness that power. I could simply cook a meal, and it would blossom into conversations and create memories for the guests. I absolutely loved what I was doing, but for some reason, I still felt a little empty. Like there was more too this that I wasn't taking advantage of. And then I stumbled into nutrition. Food was now, not only a form of love, it was energy, it was carbs and fats and proteins. The power of food went much further than just a dinner party, now I could improve peoples health, I could give them longevity and ease their pain, I could ultimately heal them with cooking.

Today, I still cater and offer personal chef services, but I do so with mindfulness. I adapt my menus to suit the needs of vegans and vegetarians, people who are avoiding gluten and dairy, and people who ultimately want to enjoy themselves without ruining the progress they have made with their health goals. I give cooking advice and supply healthy recipes, I provide meal plans and meal prep to clients and I even help people re-balance their nutrition. I love having the opportunity to change people through food, this was truly my calling in life.

I am completely obsessed with puppies and I love office supplies and the color green. I cook constantly and I enjoy a good workout/80's dance marathon. Recipe writing and food photography is also high on the list.

I specialize in special diet catering and private dining, i.e. V/Vg/GF/DF. I am well versed in special dietary needs and can cook and bake for anyone, no matter what the restriction. Additionally, I provide specialty meal plans, with recipes included, to clients of all needs.