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"Food is medicine. And education is power!"

Tori Taylor

Certified Holistic Health Coach | Certified Yoga Instructor + Personal Trainer

You can do anything for ten more seconds. If you can do it for ten seconds, you can hold on for ten more minutes. You will always be able to fight one more round and your mentality is what makes you unstoppable.

I have learned so much by pushing through the uncomfortable phases of change. Having the right nutrition and an active lifestyle is the best way to take care of your mind and body. Finding a higher level of nutrition gave me the energy to go back to university and pursue a Bachelor Degree in Linguistics. I love running and could not be more grateful for the stamina and power that top quality nutrition has given me.

I would love to work with someone seeking real change in their health - mentally and physically. I am passionate about making personalized meal plans and exercise routines. I believe in starting at the foundation and working up.

Interests & Knowables:
Dog mama x 2! Lover of reading & writing! Movement: yoga, hiking and road cycling with my husband, kombucha lover & brewer. My favorite place on earth is by the sea. I love the ocean. The air, the smell and sounds fill up my soul.

Holistic health, plant based eating, personalized meal plans, herbal adaptogens, plants & roots, energy ball recipes, customized exercise routines blending modalities such as yoga, cycling, running, personal training.