"You will never know your limits until you push yourself past them."

Jenna Einarson

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

My name is Jenna Einarson and my passion is all things; Health, Wellness, and Fitness. I am from Winnipeg, Canada and I am currently living in Europe as an Expat because my boyfriend plays Professional Hockey over here. I have my Bachelor of Commerce Honors degree in Human Resource Management and Marketing. I am also a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise.

I have been an athlete my entire life. From the age of five I was a part of organized sports and being a part of a team meant the world to me. It was people to learn from, grow with and to always have others there to challenge me. Throughout high school, I played competitive basketball, rugby and volleyball. As soon as I graduated, I was no longer in that team setting and felt lost trying to stick to my healthy lifestyle.

Today, I am thankful to have found Elevate Your Life as this team has supported me throughout my journey to reignite my passion for Health, Wellness, and Fitness. Throughout my time with Elevate Your Life, I have reached many personal goals (including losing 40 pounds) as well as made it my life’s mission to help as many people as I can find their passion for living a healthy, balanced life.

Interests & Knowables:
Fitness, Dogs, Travel, Cooking

Sports Performance, Holistic Nutrition, Strength Training, Weight-loss,