"Listen to your body."

Gabriela Alvarez

Becker College - Bachelors of Science in Veterinary Science with a minor in Business
IIN Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

My name is Gabby, a Venezuelan living in Las Vegas, that simply loves life! It might sound silly, but it’s a fact. You see, I’ve been on an amazing holistic journey, moving towards happiness and wellness, that has completely transformed the way I think and see life. So much so, that I channeled both of my passions (health & dance) into a career!

When I moved to the States in 2011, I went through a food culture shock. Endless food options. Ingredient-packed snacks. Food laden with condiments . . . Not only was it overwhelming, it significantly altered my weight, digestion, mood, energy, and cravings. I was in a new country, with a very different culture, around new friends, in a very different food scene, and struggled to find myself for over 6 years.

The past year has been one of transformation for me, as I learned to overcome all these factors through food, mental health, and self-love. The changes I’ve seen in my body (inside and out), driven by healthy eating and thinking and living mindfully, are breathtaking. And this sparked a great passion for helping others to do the same with their unique lifestyle. I knew I’d found my purpose the moment I realized that we have power as individuals to establish lifelong healthy habits that help us to thrive!

Interests & Knowables:
Spanish speaking, dance, fitness instructor, wanna-be singer.

Work-life balance, overweight individuals seeking healthy habits, digestive and gut health, mind/body well-being.