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Fitting time into your day to get physical is work in and of itself. Whether you’re an early riser who kick-starts her day by breaking a sweat or you hit the gym after your 9-to-5, there’s a laundry list of tasks competing for your valuable time. Sometimes the best we can do is put in an hour or less, so it’s pertinent we maximize our efforts when we get that time.

While deciding which workout is right for you really comes down to what you enjoy doing and what gets you motivated to sweat, there are certain moves that make the most of your limited time, if calories are what you’re counting. How many calories are burned per hour of a certain activity is an accurate measure of the exercise’s intensity.

Employing research published by the National Institutes of Health, the Mayo Clinic listed the top 36 popular forms of exercise in order of caloric impact. While precise figures will vary depending on body type, age, and other factors, the lineup does give a good idea of what exercises will have the biggest burn if you’re crunched on time. Here are the top five ways to burn the most calories in just one hour.