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For those crazy busy days when the last thing on your mind is getting in a workout, this routine is an easy solution. It takes less than 20 minutes and works every inch of your body—not to mention it can be done anywhere. That’s the beauty of Keith Johnson’s Evolution6 program.

His workout below has a lower-body focus to maximize your burn. Each exercise in the 20 minutes will safely work as many muscles as possible for an efficient and effective total-body class. Want more Keith? Check out his full six-week program by clicking the discounted link below.

Check out the workout here!

Workout details: Perform each move for 30 seconds. No equipment needed!

Warm up fast with jumping jacks, a T-spine stretch, trunk rotation, and arm circles. Start out the workout with reverse lunges to thrust, side lunges with pop, and stationary lunges. Repeat that sequence a second time. Change over to sumo monkey squats, regular monkey squats, and single-leg deadlifts, then repeat. Jump rope for 30 seconds, then fast feet and skater hops and repeat. End the workout with two rounds of toe touches, crunches, a rotating plank, and a wiggle worm.

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