Rebecca Cafiero


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Rebecca studied journalism and worked as a writer and columnist for a daily paper before beginning a 13 year career in real estate, working for publicly traded developers. As a sales manager and then VP of sales, she managed over 100 sales agents and $1 billion+ in real estate sales. As a speaker and trainer, she’s trained on prospecting, follow-up, relationship building and connecting with different consumer groups, speaking all over the United States for groups ranging from 5 to 12,000. Utilizing her experience in training and empowering, Rebecca has followed her passion of helping others find success in turning their passions into a business.

Rebecca is a book worm, collector of adventure and is passionate about passion! She frequently travels with her husband and savors working from anywhere (though emphasizes the Confucius philosophy that when you do what you love, you never work a day in your life). When she isn’t cooking, writing, dancing or taking photos, she’s busy finding new passions and showing others how to find theirs.

“There is no greater joy than plugging people into their passion and teaching them to create the life they love with it.” – Rebecca

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