Natalie Holstlaw


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Natalie holds a dual degree in Spanish and psychology and a masters in forensic psychology, utilizing her education to work with and train over 5,000 people. She began her professional career with two years as an addiction and mental health therapist. The next four years, her work as a master trainer spanned 5 continents, specializing in leadership development and mindset coaching in both English and Spanish.

Natalie is a former competitive athlete and is now a mom to an adorable two year old named Maxon. She experienced her own physical transformation, with her 50 lb weight loss journey culminating in a fitness bikini competition! And to top it off, she won the 2015 ISABody Challenge, selected over 10,000 other transformations to be an ambassador for healthy living, opportunity and transformation (not to mention, winning $28,000 and four incredible vacations)! Now, her mission is assisting others in achieving results beyond what they think possible!!

“I love the opportunity to show people how to dream again and assist them in achieving those dreams”. – Natalie

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