This week our Man Crush Monday is Mike!!

Although he had been a dedicated hockey player most of his life, Mike developed an unhealthy lifestyle around the age of 20, which prevented his promising hockey career from moving forward. By the time he turned 29, Mike had developed a number of health issues and was 40 pounds overweight.

His poor health left him with little energy. “I barely wanted to get off the couch,” he says. “I was not a happy person.

During this time, Mike and his wife welcomed their daughter into the world, and Mike says, “The wheels inside my head began to spin.”

Mike felt that because of his weight gain and health concerns, he wasn’t able to be the best father and husband he knew he could be. Fortunately, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Following his daughter’s birth, a family friend introduced him to nutritional cleansing.

At first, his exercise routine consisted mostly of yoga, Pilates, and stretching, but as he began to look and feel better, he was able to take his physical performance to a whole new level.

“It was a total 180,” he says. “I was motivated. I went from zero to having 100 percent motivation. It was insane.”

“Once I started seeing the results, it became so easy for me to get focused and go in the direction I wanted to go,” he explains, “I just wanted to work as hard as I could because I knew the products worked so well. I knew that if I put in the effort, the change was going to be there.”

Fortunately, Mike’s love for the products helped him with one of the biggest obstacles during his 16 week fitness challenge. Mike works in the oil fields in Alberta, Canada, and his job requires him to travel often. He was concerned about maintaining his good eating habits while on the road, but the ease and convenience of his shakes and bars helped him access nutritious meal options daily.

By the end of the challenge, Mike had released 33 pounds and 26 percent body fat.

So incredible!!