This week Isaac is our Man Crush Monday!!

In 2013, Isaac’s health and lifestyle were at an all time low. Everyday he was feeling exhausted, stressed out, miserable and working a 9-5 job in banking that didn’t fulfill him. Most days he was eating lots of unhealthy food and the weekends were his chance for a “break” and to party and drink excessive alcohol. He thought he was content with his life, but only kidding himself.

In early 2014 he got real with himself. He new he has to make some changes and that is when his real health journey began.

It wasn’t easy to shift the unhealthy habits he has. He found he was continually putting himself back into the environment he was trying to move away from. He often felt like giving up and going back to his old lifestyle. He would make excuses and always saying he was “too tired” even though his lifestyle was the cause of his tiredness.

It took a lot of hard work to get to where is his now, but he made it happen! He made a choice to change for the better, surrounded himself with amazing people and worked his butt off! 

Amazing job, Isaac!!