This week Glyn is our Man Crush Monday!!

He just completed his second 16 week fitness challenge and two years of using his superfood nutrition. Before he has this nutrition, he has been going to the gym for 3 years. He was an insecure 19 year old that was finding value in wanting to better his appearance.

However, his journey went from wanting to look good at all costs to a journey of actually caring about his superfood products and the foods he consumed, and naturally became a byproduct of using the system for over two years. He started to feel amazing and achieved better results then he ever had.

The amazing people, culture and personal development have helped him grow and love himself, and he is so thankful for that. He know eats food mindfully because he loves and cares for the body he has and he works out from a place of already feeling like he is “enough”.

Amazing job, Glyn!!