For years, Craig lived in a limit-filled world and was often told “he can’t” do things because of his size. He was a chubby child who was teased mercilessly, and the weight only piled on as he approached adulthood.

At 13, he was a whopping 185 pounds; by 17 he was 225 pounds. By his early 20s, Craig was tipping the scales at 330 pounds.

From a young age, he began using humor as a way to deflect his embarrassment and protect himself against the abrasive taunts and constant name calling.

“I remember falling through a chair in public one time because of my weight and having to poke fun at myself to cover up the pain and humiliation,” admits Craig.

He had tried numerous weight-loss programs, but to no avail.

Overwhelmed by rejection and uneasy about his size, he began to believe he couldn’t do many things. He had given up on his dream of one day owning an athletic build, that would let him have the freedom to participate in any sport or adventure that presented itself.

Then, Craig discovered nutritional rebalancing.

When Craig first heard about nutritional rebalancing, he was actively trying to lose weight, but not having any luck. After learning about nutritional rebalancing, he was motivated to make a permanent change and eager to purchase his first 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System. He also entered a 16 week health and fitness challenge. The combination helped Craig lose 60 pounds* in his first three months using the system.

Still, the phrase “I can’t” echoed in his head and threatened to sideline his newfound healthy lifestyle as he began turning back to his old habits.

Thankfully, his friends recognized the change and insisted he attend an upcoming event for health company that was changing his life. There he heard a quote that would change his outlook on life for good: “You can have anything you want, as soon as you give up the belief that you can’t have it.”

“Right then, I gave up the belief I couldn’t be happy and started taking my health to the next level,” shares Craig. “I stopped chasing who I thought I was and started living as the real me.”

Embracing his true identity meant finishing what he had started. Craig was adamant about completing another 16 week health and fitness challenge since he hadn’t completed his first one back in 2009.

“This time I gave it everything I had,” says Craig. “Joining the challenge was a way to hold myself accountable, set a goal, and stick with it.”

Craig lost 37 pounds. Collectively, he has released 126 pounds and more than 200 inches with his nutritional system. His whole-body transformation coupled with his impressive essay “wowed” the judges and won him the 2012 challenge Grand Prize title plus $25,000 in cash and prizes.

Amazing job, Craig!!