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Woman Crush Wednesday: Kayla

This week, Kayla is our Woman Crush Wednesday!!

Kayla will admit that she was skeptical of nutritional cleansing at first because she has tried several other programs and nothing was a good fit.

4 months after giving it a try, she can’t say enough good things. It was a lifestyle change and it wasn’t only a physical transformation, but also a mental transformation!

She says that the person on the left was unhappy and down. But the girl on the right carries herself differently, has more self-confidence and is overall a happier person. She is so motivated to keep going and never turn back.

You got this, Kayla!!


Woman Crush Wednesday: Rachel

This week Rachel is our Woman Crush Wednesday!
In December, Rachel was a stressed out college student about t graduate. She was tired, stress eating, drinking, and ready for a change. Once her aunt introduced her to nutritional rebalancing, she was finally able to get the bikini body she had dreamed about. She lost 5 inches around her waist!
She also gained so much from this experience; she learned about balance in eating and drinking, balance in work and home life, a balanced mind and having mental clarity and that the energy you give others comes back to you!
She has also learned about self discipline and holding yourself to a high standard. She learned to speak volumes about herself and others and to be confident in your faith, strengths, and appreciate your flaws!
Congratulations, Rachel!

Woman Crush Wednesday: Laura

This week Laura is our Woman Crush Wednesday!!

She is a mom of two boys that are only 19 months apart. The first photo on the left was one week after her second child was born, and the picture on the right is 10 months later! She used an incredible nutritional system to assist in getting back in shape!

She says what she loves most about the system is that it’s not an overnight change. It’s been healthy and sustainable weight loss!



So inspired by you, Laura!!


Woman Crush Wednesday: Taylor

This week out Woman Crush Wednesday is Taylor!!
6 Months ago Taylor started nutritional rebalancing and it has changed her life in so many ways. It has been the biggest blessing! She used to live in a state of extreme deprivation and at times consumed 500 calories a day to survive but would over exercise to negate them all.
She struggled with many health complication, and was exhausted emotionally and physically.
But now she is able to fuel herself in abundance through a nutritional cleansing system and super foods that nourish and set her body in an environment to thrive!


Woman Crush Wednesday: Evelyn

Prior to getting started with nutritional rebalancing, she weighed over 300 pounds, but successfully released 80 pounds by using the products and exercising regularly.

However, after suffering from two broken legs in an accident, her weight-loss journey was stalled, causing her to take almost a year to recover. The accident kept Evelyn out of the gym and resulted in gaining back most of the weight she worked so hard to release. In addition, she was still working through past health issues and the death of a loved one. Her weight was a huge source of stress for her, preventing her from sleeping.

Even though Evelyn thought that she had hit rock bottom, she wasn’t ready to give up. When she was given clearance to begin exercising again, she immediately went to the gym, even though she had to use a walker.

Once she had completely recovered from her accident, she decided to enroll in a 16 week fitness challenge.

“I knew that if I totally committed myself to this nutritional system and my workouts once again, I would have a chance to lose the weight for good,” she says.

This year was her third Challenge, leaving her with a total of 229 pounds* lost!

“I used to suffer from really bad social anxiety because of my weight,” she explains. “Now I feel strong and empowered. That’s huge!”

Her story and her transformation have inspired many others to hit the gym and get in shape. Her husband and her daughter are two people she has been able to inspire.

Evelyn’s husband witnessed her results from participating in nutritional rebalancing, and he was so inspired he began the system and dropped 65 pounds.

“Everyone starts somewhere, and it starts with yes,” she tells others. “I said yes, and because I said yes, this has been a gift. I’m the happiest girl in the world!”



Woman Crush Wednesday: Alex

This week Alex our Woman Crush Wednesday!!

After beginning nutritional cleansing, Alex released 17lbs with no time spent in the gym, and she couldn’t be happier with the results!!

In addition, she has a few non-scale victories she is proud of:
-Her old pants are fitting!
-She has extra notches on her belt!
-She is receiving compliments in regards to her changes!
-She has a ton of energy!
-She no longer needs coffee!

She can’t wait to continue this journey and continue to reap all the amazing benefits!


Woman Crush Wednesday: Kimberley

Our Woman Crush Wednesday this week is Kimberly!!

2010 brought life as she knew it to a screeching halt after she was t-boned in an accident that twisted her spine and blew out discs from the lumbar region to the top of her neck.

Several years of attempting recovery and then a spinal surgery ensued as she quickly approached the age of 50. Meanwhile, weight was piling on with forced inactivity and her sever sadness escalated.

When she saw friends of hers getting CRAZY big smiles and lots of energy, she thought they were nuts but was willing to try whatever was helping them! It felt like it was her absolute last hope! She was shopping for a cane at that time and knew her near future had her heading to a wheel chair.

She wanted to LIVE. She made the decision to take action and even if it didn’t work at least she would not have the regret later on of not trying at all!

Now, she is 49 lbs lighter and she is joyfully maintaining her weight with this program and she feels great!! She is happy and not hiding in her house or suffering from crippling discomfort everyday. She has the energy and a positive outlook which allows her to LOVE BIG on her friends, even ones she hasn’t met yet! And that is what she loves the most, the ability to be of service, to show others the way to new hope and freedom!

Off and on, she’d spent nearly 30 years hiding, never letting anyone know she was in pain. But she is feeling better than ever and saying “never again” to hiding!!


Woman Crush Wednesday: Eyrnn

This week our Woman Crush Wednesday is Erynn!!

Erynn just enrolled in her second 16 week fitness competition and she is so excited to start getting fit. She says that the girl on the left was not living a happy or healthy life. But today she feels incredible!!

She had released 30lbs and 43 inches since she began her journey. She has picked up her passion of horseback riding again, completed her first Spartan Super, which her boyfriend had been wanting her to do for 3 years, and she loves herself again! She finally feels like she is living. She is so blessed and grateful to have the nutrition and community she does.

You’re such an inspiration, Erynn!!


Woman Crush Wednesday: Alexandra

This week our Woman Crush Wednesday is Alexandra!!

She is celebrating because she just hit her pre pregnancy weight! She is a mom of 3 and never thought she would be able to get her body back. But she did! In 4 months she lost 33 lbs and a ton of inches throughout her body thanks to nutritional cleansing!

She is so thankful she was introduced to this amazing lifestyle. She is surrounded by the best people who support each other with their goals and dreams. Now she’s ready to tone up!!

Awesome job, Alexandra!!


Woman Crush Wednesday: Caitlyn

This week our Woman Crush Wednesday is Caitlyn!!

She calls the picture of her self on the left “the dark ages version of herself”. Moving onto the picture on the right, and you can see that she’s shed quite a few layers!

The person she was on the left was mad at life, a ‘victim’ and very insecure and unhappy. Now, she loves mornings, loves the gym, loves life, and is 35 lbs down on the scales!

Awesome job, Caitlyn!