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Man Crush Monday: Andrew

Shout out to Andrew as our Man Crush Monday this week!

After Andrew decided to change his life through nutritional rebalancing, he lost 14 lbs and then gained back 9 lbs of lean muscle and went from 15% body fat down to 8.3% body fat!

As a rock climber he’s been able to climb at a full grade higher than before (from 5.10c to 5.11c). He used to take naps on the weekends quite frequently and haven‘t done that in a very long time.

In addition, his confidence is greatly improved, his energy is way up and the mental clarity and focus he’s have gained is amazing!

Keep it up, Andrew!


Man Crush Monday: Jason

This week we’re shouting out Jason as our Man Crush Monday!!
3 years ago Jason says he “was in the absolute worst shape of my life”. He was constantly tired, stressed out, and he lacked the motivation to exercise.
That is when his wifey encouraged him to try a superfood nutritional cleansing program! Little did he know that that simple decision would have such a massive impact on his life and health!
While life today is by no means ‘perfect’, he says “it’s about 1000 times better than it was just 3 short years ago. I realized then that if I kept doing what I was already doing, nothing would change!”.
Congratulations Jason!!


Man Crush Monday: Brad

Our Man Crush Monday this week is Brad!!

Before Brad decided to make his health a priority through nutritional rebalancing, he was feeling bloated, tired and weak all the time . After committing to nutritional rebalancing program along with clean eating, and eliminating foods that were not helping me reach his goals, he was able to completely change his lifestyle.

He took it a step further and began lifting for the first time in 15 years. The guy on the right is brad today! He lost fat, gained lean muscle, and now he feels AMAZING! He is now able to make it through the day with plenty of energy and his life has been forever changed! Amazing job Brad!!


Man Crush Monday: Joel

This week we’re celebrating Joel’s incredible transformation as our Man Crush Monday!! In just 16 weeks he took his health to a whole other level! Amazing!

Joel set out to complete a 16 week challenge that allowed him to elevate his nutrition and fitness. The first half of his challenge was training for a half marathon. His success after finishing that marathon in 1 hour and 41 minutes motivated him to sign up for a full marathon! He says that his energy levels have improved his performance.

Way to go Joel!!