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Man Crush Monday: Justin

This week we are celebrating Justin as our Man Crush Monday!
Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Justin was on the fast track to a memorable NFL career, winning the Super Bowl his rookie year and boasting three superior seasons following that win. His dreams were stripped away when Justin discovered he had been born with a neck injury that had gone undiagnosed for 27 years. The injury forced him into retirement. “Being told I couldn’t play a sport that I truly loved hit me pretty hard, because it came out of nowhere…I resorted to a lot of vices that were detrimental to my physical and spiritual health in order to cope.”
After being introduced to a nutritional rebalancing system by a friend, Justin joined a 16 week fitness challenge and began to turn his life back around. He started enjoying his new career as a physical education and math teacher in the Virgin Islands, working out regularly, eating healthy, and building his Isagenix business.
“I woke up on day five and felt AMAZING. I felt energized, focused, determined, and just awesome! Yahtzee!”

Jeremy MCM

Man Crush Monday: Jeremy

Jeremy is our Man Crush this Monday!!

His incredible transformation is so inspiring! He lost 50 lbs in under 16 weeks due to his dedication and nutrition plan!


Man Crush Monday: Chris

Chris’s inspirational transformation is why he’s our Man Crush Monday this week!!

Chris has lost weight, transformed his body, has unbelievable energy, and is able to exercise and be active like never before. But the biggest change is his happiness, and there’s nothing better than that!!


Man Crush Monday: Sam

This week, our Man Crush Monday is Sam!

After college, Sam wanted to put on some weight after being too small and not being able to make his college team. At the time he was using poor quality protein powder, and his confidence was at a low. After beginning nutritional rebalancing, he found his confidence grow and was able to chase his dreams by turning his success into a business. Sam eventually gained 30 pounds of lean muscle and competed in the NGS Natural Bodybuilding Competition and won 1st place!

Incredible job, Sam!



Man Crush Monday: Shannon

This week our Man Crush Monday is Shannon!

After a snowboarding incident left him with a broken wrist, Shannon put on a lot of weight because he was very limited in what he could do. Thankfully, he found an incredible nutritional cleansing system that worked extremely well with his body and allowed him to shed those unwanted pounds. Now that his wrist is healed, he is using the same system to gain lean muscle and maintain high energy levels.

Great work, Shannon!!


Man Crush Monday: Craig

This week our Man Crush Monday is Craig!!

These pictures are 16 weeks apart. Although he is about 76kgs in both of these pictures, he is down 8% body fat in the image on the right. He became stronger, packed on lean muscle, had so much more energy, and also noticed quicker recovery times after gym visits.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 1.32.59 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-30 at 1.32.38 PM

Awesome job, Craig


Man Crush Monday: Blake

Our Man Crush Monday is Blake!

He began his journey to better health with a commitment to 30 days of nutritional rebalancing to reset hit body. After feeling great, he decided to push himself even more and commit to a 16 week challenge.

Looking great, Blake!!

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 10.22.56 AM

Man Crush Monday: Wade

Our #ManCrushMonday this week is Wade!

Before beginning a nutritional rebalancing system, Wade was a almost 300 pounds, a smoker and struggling through each day. He was stuck in a demanding job with long hours, and relied heavily on coffee and energy drinks. He was ashamed of the example he was setting for his two daughters being overweight and exhausted. After his wife began the system, he reluctantly agreed to try it and within a week knew he found something special. His energy was up and he was sleeping better. After four months he gave up smoking and picked up running.

He ran his first 5K on Thanksgiving in under 30 minutes and since then has placed in two other 5Ks, a triathlon, and completed a half marathon. He has been able to lay the foundation for lasting change and continued growth. He’s proud to collaborate with his wife to share a continue to create a bright future for their family.


daniel 2

Man Crush Monday: Daniel

Last year, after Daniel and his wife spent 5 years in the Army, moved to a new state, and became new parents, understandably Daniel’s health wasn’t really a priority.

He realized that if you don’t make yourself a priority, life isn’t going to do it for you. After spending the summer in the gym, his nutrition wasn’t where it should be. He traveled a lot for work and ate whatever everyone else did. He decided to make changes, and looked at his daughter as a reason instead of an excuse to get healthy.

He lifted weights 4 times a week and did cardio 0-3 times a week. But this time, he took his nutrition 100% seriously. He cooked clean, stayed consistent and used a holistic nutritional system that brought convenience to his new-dad schedule. He learned it’s about nourishment and balance, not restriction and perfection.

Overall, in 16 weeks he dropped 8% body fat, 4 inches off his waist, and gained an extra inch on each arm and quad. He says the best part is being a healthy example for his little girl.

So incredible, Daniel!!


Man Crush Monday: Paul

This week we’re celebrating Paul as our Man Crush Monday!
Paul says,

“[It’s] amazing what saying YES has done for me and my Family. I am a NEW man, a better Father and Husband and always working to improve myself. I am so thankful for stopping the downward spiral I was on”

Amazing job, Paul!