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Man Crush Monday: Jamie

This week our Man Crush Monday is Jamie!!

Jamie just completed a 16 week fitness challenge! He wanted to test his nutritional cleansing system along with a fitness plan and whole foods. His wife did a competition the previous year using the same system and won 1st place in bikini and went to nationals in Australia.

Jamie’s goal was to do a natural physique body building competition before he turned 30 and he did! And he placed top 5!!

His nutritional system has helped him and his wife find balance, freedom, and a way to contribute. He tried every product before and finally found a perfect fit!

Amazing job Jamie!



Man Crush Monday: Josh

This week, our Man Crush Monday is Josh!

When people hear that he’s lost over 60 lbs, they are shocked! But what some people don’t see, and something that can’t be seen in a photo, is what that kind of health changes have occured physically and mentally.

Josh’s smile on the left is covering up a huge amount of insecurity, lack of self-confidence, tiredness and poor health. Constantly worry about looking good, continually scared of being bullied and worried about what people think and say behind your back.

Josh’s smile on the right is 1000% more self expressed, where all those worries are nearly non existent, where being himself is not hard because everything that used to paralyze him emotionally, has now gone. That photo represents energy, aliveness and authentic happiness.

Moral of Josh’s story

The difference between the first photo and the second photos in reality is nearly 12 months and 30kg but in that time Josh remembers taking two very prominent actions…. One saying yes to nutritional cleansing and two is to personal development!!! Josh has completely changed his life!

Amazing job, Josh!!


Man Crush Monday: Ben

This week, Ben Kelly is our Man Crush Monday!!

Ben was a bricklayer—not by choice, but by default. Battling the elements of Perth, Australia, where hot summer days regularly reach 100 degrees is not the ideal workplace.

In fact, he planned his whole life by default: get a job, get a mortgage, have a couple of kids, and maybe you’ll be lucky to retire someday. It was enough to survive but not to live, and Ben wasn’t going to spend the rest of his days laying bricks as the walls of his own life crumbled around him.

After seeing his sister Peta’s success, Ben began nutritional cleansing and wanted to share with other. His younger sister had a huge impact on him and it wasn’t long before these siblings were sharing the glory in their success helping others and helping themselves. Ben invested heavily in his own personal growth by reading empowering books, listening to audio tapes, and attending company events.

IT’S NO SECRET: WORK SMART AND HARD Ben didn’t discover some gimmick to make his life a breeze. His work ethic is just as strong since his days as a bricklayer. What he learned was the value of smart work.

Ben’s career no longer consumes his life; it fuels it. Rather than slopping cement on bricks all day, Ben now travels the globe in search of “more.” He’s an adventure-seeker hell-bent on meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. Ben recently spent an entire month exploring the U.S., tore-up Bali and Malaysia, and took an unbelievable trip through France and Rome.

Work smart first, hard second. Ben’s work ethic was always there, but it wasn’t until he discovered the right opportunity that his hard work truly paid off. Now when faced with any brick wall, Ben busts through them like the Kool-Aid man. He’s working smart, working hard, and playing even harder; from bricklayer to world trailblazer in just 18 months.

So inspiring!!


Man Crush Monday: Jeff

Our Man Crush Monday this week is Jeff!!

Jeff used to spend his whole Sunday prepping clean meals and protein shakes for the week. He was able to maintain a physique he was happy with but felt sluggish all the time. He got over his bodybuilding ego (skepticism) and decided to try nutritional cleansing.

After a short time, he woke up from the best sleep of his life! He lost 3″ on his waist, 3″ on his butt, and 10″ everywhere else. He dropped 3% body fat, and gained mental clarity and better sleep!! The easy of getting super dense nutrition with all of his macro and micro nutrients in a shake was an added bonus because he would rather spend that time doing fun things with his family.

He decided to challenge himself for 16 weeks and train for a physique competition. He says “the only way you’ll fail is if you quit! Just don’t quit!”

Nice work, Jeff!!


Man Crush Monday: Chas

This week Chas is our Man Crush Monday!!

Before 2015 Chas was the guy who trained nearly everyday, sometimes twice a day. He ate anything and everything, thinking that he trained hard so he deserved it. He’s never really been a drinker, but more of an over eater. He was drinking various protein shakes, dabbling using this and that supplement thinking he knew what he was doing. He started a clean eating plan and ended up resorting back to guilty pleasures. Finally, in January 2015 he decided enough was enough and committed to nutritional rebalancing to stop talking and start acting.

Incredible results, Chas!!


Man Crush Monday: Tom

This week Tom is our Man Crush Monday!!!

Although Tom has helped over 4.500 people directly and indirectly with their own health transformations, he realized that he has taken his eye off of his own health. He was dropping weight because he was not training or eating as much and became really unhappy with how he looked in the mirror. He lost his confidence because he wasn’t focusing on his own happiness and health.

So in this new year he decided to get his health back on track in the most natural way possible. He set a goal to get in the best shape of his life using nutritional cleansing. So far he has put on almost 19 lbs and his energy has gone through the roof again, he’s waking up earlier and is sleeping better. His stress is minimal and he’s feeling incredible again and is able to share this with others to help them become the best possible versions of themselves.

Tom believes everyone deserves to look and feel their best regardless of age, circumstance or gender and he is passionate about helping them do so. He also believes there are no quick fixes or alternatives to hard work in health and it takes time and effort like anything. Amazing job, Tom!!


Man Crush Monday: Dan!

This week Dan is our Man Crush Monday!!

Before his nutritional cleansing journey, Dan felt overweight, tired and defeated because he didn’t have the time or energy to do anything about it. His health was fading and so was his ability to do what he needed to do to correct it. He had always been into exercise, but he had become complacent and let himself go in just 3 years. He felt hopeless about going through the same motions he had in the past. He tried eating less and exercising, but after a month nothing had changed. He then decided to try nutritional cleansing and it changed his life. He can honestly say he is headed to a much healthier and longer life with his family and friends.

Congratulations Dan!!


Man Crush Monday: Stephan

Stephan’s incredible transformation and dedication is why he’s our Man Crush Monday this week!


Man Crush Monday: Matthew

Matthew is our Man Crush Monday this week!

Here’s what he has to say about his transformation and lifestyle change: “Diets don’t work! Using superior nutrition is a lifestyle change that just makes sense. I wake up feeling amazing and go to bed excited to do it all over. I have never been in better shape and that isn’t even the best part. Health is my top priority, everything else is simply a biproduct”.

Nice work, Matthew!!


Man Crush Monday: Grant

Grant is our Man Crush Monday this week!!

In three months using incredible nutrition he transformed himself. Along with weight lifting, he was able to achieve these results.