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Man Crush Monday: Justin

This week, Justin is our Man Crush Monday!!

Before his nutritional cleansing journey, he was 295 lbs, a smoker and in physical therapy for his knee. He was tired, sore and unhappy. A longtime friend introduced him to nutritional cleansing, and he didn’t believe that it would help him.

When he finally decided to go for it, he didn’t actually try the products for 4 months. When he finally “gave in” it took about a week to feel the difference. He had more energy, better sleep and was feeling happier. He has since quit smoking, lost 65 lbs, and runs 4-5 miles a day while training for a tough mudder.

His joy has grown so much that he left his 9-5 job to help others. He feels like his life has been changed and saved!


Man Crush Monday: Scott

Scott started this program 32 weeks ago and he has never felt healthier or happier! Nutritional rebalancing has allowed him to feel his absolute best.



Man Crush Monday: Isaac

This week Isaac is our Man Crush Monday!!

In 2013, Isaac’s health and lifestyle were at an all time low. Everyday he was feeling exhausted, stressed out, miserable and working a 9-5 job in banking that didn’t fulfill him. Most days he was eating lots of unhealthy food and the weekends were his chance for a “break” and to party and drink excessive alcohol. He thought he was content with his life, but only kidding himself.

In early 2014 he got real with himself. He new he has to make some changes and that is when his real health journey began.

It wasn’t easy to shift the unhealthy habits he has. He found he was continually putting himself back into the environment he was trying to move away from. He often felt like giving up and going back to his old lifestyle. He would make excuses and always saying he was “too tired” even though his lifestyle was the cause of his tiredness.

It took a lot of hard work to get to where is his now, but he made it happen! He made a choice to change for the better, surrounded himself with amazing people and worked his butt off! 

Amazing job, Isaac!!


Man Crush Monday: Morgan

This week our Man Crush Monday is Morgan!!

Morgan just completed his 1st 16 week fitness challenge! He took the before picture the day he began his nutritional rebalancing journey, and it was also the day after having carpal tunnel surgery.

He had trouble raising his arm above shoulder height, has 2 discs in his lower back that had failed, carpal tunnel in both wrists and was taking prescription narcotics. It was time for a change!

Thankfully, he decided to try nutritional rebalancing and it has given him incredible freedom! Amazing job, Morgan!!


Man Crush Monday: Craig

For years, Craig lived in a limit-filled world and was often told “he can’t” do things because of his size. He was a chubby child who was teased mercilessly, and the weight only piled on as he approached adulthood.

At 13, he was a whopping 185 pounds; by 17 he was 225 pounds. By his early 20s, Craig was tipping the scales at 330 pounds.

From a young age, he began using humor as a way to deflect his embarrassment and protect himself against the abrasive taunts and constant name calling.

“I remember falling through a chair in public one time because of my weight and having to poke fun at myself to cover up the pain and humiliation,” admits Craig.

He had tried numerous weight-loss programs, but to no avail.

Overwhelmed by rejection and uneasy about his size, he began to believe he couldn’t do many things. He had given up on his dream of one day owning an athletic build, that would let him have the freedom to participate in any sport or adventure that presented itself.

Then, Craig discovered nutritional rebalancing.

When Craig first heard about nutritional rebalancing, he was actively trying to lose weight, but not having any luck. After learning about nutritional rebalancing, he was motivated to make a permanent change and eager to purchase his first 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System. He also entered a 16 week health and fitness challenge. The combination helped Craig lose 60 pounds* in his first three months using the system.

Still, the phrase “I can’t” echoed in his head and threatened to sideline his newfound healthy lifestyle as he began turning back to his old habits.

Thankfully, his friends recognized the change and insisted he attend an upcoming event for health company that was changing his life. There he heard a quote that would change his outlook on life for good: “You can have anything you want, as soon as you give up the belief that you can’t have it.”

“Right then, I gave up the belief I couldn’t be happy and started taking my health to the next level,” shares Craig. “I stopped chasing who I thought I was and started living as the real me.”

Embracing his true identity meant finishing what he had started. Craig was adamant about completing another 16 week health and fitness challenge since he hadn’t completed his first one back in 2009.

“This time I gave it everything I had,” says Craig. “Joining the challenge was a way to hold myself accountable, set a goal, and stick with it.”

Craig lost 37 pounds. Collectively, he has released 126 pounds and more than 200 inches with his nutritional system. His whole-body transformation coupled with his impressive essay “wowed” the judges and won him the 2012 challenge Grand Prize title plus $25,000 in cash and prizes.

Amazing job, Craig!!

Man Crush Monday: Mike

This week our Man Crush Monday is Mike!!

Although he had been a dedicated hockey player most of his life, Mike developed an unhealthy lifestyle around the age of 20, which prevented his promising hockey career from moving forward. By the time he turned 29, Mike had developed a number of health issues and was 40 pounds overweight.

His poor health left him with little energy. “I barely wanted to get off the couch,” he says. “I was not a happy person.

During this time, Mike and his wife welcomed their daughter into the world, and Mike says, “The wheels inside my head began to spin.”

Mike felt that because of his weight gain and health concerns, he wasn’t able to be the best father and husband he knew he could be. Fortunately, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Following his daughter’s birth, a family friend introduced him to nutritional cleansing.

At first, his exercise routine consisted mostly of yoga, Pilates, and stretching, but as he began to look and feel better, he was able to take his physical performance to a whole new level.

“It was a total 180,” he says. “I was motivated. I went from zero to having 100 percent motivation. It was insane.”

“Once I started seeing the results, it became so easy for me to get focused and go in the direction I wanted to go,” he explains, “I just wanted to work as hard as I could because I knew the products worked so well. I knew that if I put in the effort, the change was going to be there.”

Fortunately, Mike’s love for the products helped him with one of the biggest obstacles during his 16 week fitness challenge. Mike works in the oil fields in Alberta, Canada, and his job requires him to travel often. He was concerned about maintaining his good eating habits while on the road, but the ease and convenience of his shakes and bars helped him access nutritious meal options daily.

By the end of the challenge, Mike had released 33 pounds and 26 percent body fat.

So incredible!!


Man Crush Monday: Alvie

Our Man Crush Monday is Alvie!!

Former professional baseball player Alvie S. fell into a rut of negative thoughts, bad habits, and overall unhealthy living after an injury forced him into early retirement. Surviving a brain aneurysm was a huge wake-up call that forced him to start making changes so he could live the way he always wanted.

“I wanted a family, and I knew my lifestyle wasn’t conducive to family life,” Alvie explains about his decision to change. “I took that seriously and started changing my habits, eating correctly, and working out.”

Then nutritional cleansing and a 16 week fitness challenge entered his life.

At his highest post-baseball weight, Alvie was over 300 pounds. His new workout routine gave him results, but he desired to get in even better shape. His goal was to get down to the weight he was when he played professional baseball. After being introduced to nutritional cleansing by a friend, and within 45 days of using the products and pursuing the business opportunity, Alvie enrolled in his fitness challenge.

The fitness challenge was a way for Alvie to take his body and health to the next level as well as an avenue for putting on lean muscle. He had already achieved his weight-loss goals, getting down to a lower weight than when he played ball. So he upped his game, went to the gym daily for two to three hours, and became passionate about transforming his body and his mind.

Alvie had been hoping to regain his passion ever since retiring from baseball, and he found that passion again through the IsaBody Challenge.

“I wake up every day, and I am excited. I am pumped!” Alvie says. “I did not have that mindset since 2000, before I retired from baseball.”

Another huge reason Alvie decided to change his life was because of his family. His son was born during his second challenge, and his daughter was born during his third and most recent challenge. His 2-year-old son loves to do workout poses with him, and Alvie hopes to set a healthy example for both of his children.

Such an incredible story!!


5 Things I Learned from 5 Years of Marriage

This article brought to you by Daryl Lindsey of The Everygirl. You can find it and many more here!

Last week, my husband and I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary. FIVE YEARS. I know, I can barely believe it myself. When we first married, I thought we’d spend year five on a luxurious island vacation, stretched out on the beach of a high-end resort. In reality, we spent the weekend camping with our dog, only an hour away from the home we spend every free minute trying to renovate on our own.

The way we chose to celebrate our anniversary isn’t the only thing that turned out differently than I’d expected; my husband and I are, inarguably, both very different people than we were on our wedding day. Our political views, career paths, even our general life plans all shifted throughout the last five years—but we’re still together, we’re still in love, and we’re still happy.

Marriage, Year One

Our partnership is unglamorous. We regularly get caught up in the day-to-day, don’t always kiss hello or goodbye, and more often than not date night consists of laying in bed, streaming Netflix shows on a laptop and eating pizza. If you listen to what Hollywood says about true love, you might think we let our passion die and we’re well on our way to marital turmoil. Before I got married, I might have thought that too.

Half a decade later, I know better.

Here are five lessons learned from five years of marriage:


1. Any married person who says they’ve never considered divorce is lying.

Newsflash: Marriage is hard. I think a lot of couples hear that age-old phrase and interpret it to mean “marriage is hard…for other people.” You’re in for a rude awakening, I promise. Your downs are always going to seem longer than your ups, even if they aren’t. At some point, marriage will feel like an anchor tying you down to keep you from reaching your full potential, even if that’s not the case. And when that starts to happen, a little voice in the back of your mind will start chanting: Divorce! Divorce! Divorce!

More often than not, those voices go away. But if they don’t—open communication with your spouse is just about the only thing that’s going to fix it. I think there’s a societal shame in admitting that it happens, which then prevents couples from openly talking about it. Keeping quiet about marital problems is a recipe for disaster; your silence will calcify into resentment. Chances are, if you clearly communicate to your partner that their behavior hurts you and makes you want to leave, they will want to do whatever they can to fix what’s broken. It’s when one of you stops trying that you might have something to worry about.

2. Cherish every stage.

The honeymoon stage. The pre-baby stage. The homeowner stage. Marriage will exist in a series of stages, some tortuously long and some impossibly short. You’re not required to follow any specific timeline, but be present enough to love where you’re at in each stage, regardless of your plans. If you can’t take the time to be happy together in your one-bedroom apartment, you probably won’t find happiness inside a four-bedroom house.

Five years will fly by, so worry a little less about your next big step and make sure you find a reason each day to love your spouse, love being married, love being alive. 

3. Have hobbies outside of one another.

I’ve written before about the dangers of losing yourself in a relationship. It’s so easy to let yourself only exist as a couple, to disappear inside the romance until you’re unable to see yourself outside of the context of your marriage. Maintaining your sense of self is crucial to any successful partnership; you aren’t two halves that complete each other, but two wholes making the decision to navigate the world together.

4. But, maybe share a hobby or two as well.

After several years of marriage, it’s easy to fall into a routine where all you talk about with your spouse is logistics: the mortgage, the kids, whose turn it is to do what, and so on. This happened to my husband and me around year three. It felt awkward to sit down and address the problem, but we figured out quickly there were two things we really like to do together: working out and mountain biking. Those things are ours now, and it always feels a little special when we head to the gym or to the mountains.

5. Make support your number one priority.

My husband is the most supportive person I know. Whenever I feel like I’m facing some insurmountable task, whether that’s switching careers or going to therapy, he never questions my abilities or makes me feel incapable. No matter how outrageous my goal, his first reaction is always “OK, let’s do it. How do we get there?” In this respect, I am in awe of him.

As I mentioned earlier, you’re going to have ups and downs. There will be times when everything clicks, and times when you feel like you’re living with a stranger. Times when the sex is oh-my-god-everything-you’ve-ever-wanted good, and times when it’s just OK because you know what, you’re both tired and you have a morning conference call and maybe you had a big dinner earlier. When things are beginning to seem less-than-perfect, that feeling of support can supersede trivial feelings of doubt. Romance and passion are nice to have, but to me, true love is feeling safe and wanted and understood—and making sure your spouse feels the same.

Marriage, Year Five

I’m not a marriage expert. I’m not a relationship therapist. I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her and also share a 401k and a dental plan. Five years of marriage have taught me countless lessons about being a partner, a lover, even just a human being. I’m not perfect, but I’m also not done learning.


Man Crush Monday: Glyn

This week Glyn is our Man Crush Monday!!

He just completed his second 16 week fitness challenge and two years of using his superfood nutrition. Before he has this nutrition, he has been going to the gym for 3 years. He was an insecure 19 year old that was finding value in wanting to better his appearance.

However, his journey went from wanting to look good at all costs to a journey of actually caring about his superfood products and the foods he consumed, and naturally became a byproduct of using the system for over two years. He started to feel amazing and achieved better results then he ever had.

The amazing people, culture and personal development have helped him grow and love himself, and he is so thankful for that. He know eats food mindfully because he loves and cares for the body he has and he works out from a place of already feeling like he is “enough”.

Amazing job, Glyn!!


Man Crush Monday: Tomas

This week, our Man Crush Monday is Tomas!!

60 Days ago Tomas asked himself, “How bad do I want it?”. He already knew what giving up felt like, especially using every excuse you could think of. He would say things like, “I don’t have the time”, “my job is stressful”, “I have a newborn”, “I don’t have the money”, and “I’m afraid of leaving my comfort zone”.

But this time he was determined to see what happens if he doesn’t quit. When he lost his excuses he found his results. He says that the hard part isn’t getting his body in shape, it’s getting his mind in shape.

Challenge yourself all the time! Love it Tomas!